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Computer & Internet Crimes


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Computer and Internet Crimes are serious criminal offenses in Mississippi and can carry severe penalties. Conviction of a computer or Internet crime can affect your freedom, your right to possess firearms, and your ability to get credit, employment, housing, government contracts, security clearances, and other benefits. If the offense is of a sexual nature, conviction can also result in a requirement to register as a sex offender. Depending on the facts surrounding the allegations, legal and factual defenses may be available.


Pascagoula criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley handles all Mississippi and federal computer and Internet crimes including:


  • Offenses involving the Dark Web

  • Unauthorized Access

  • Identity Theft

  • Computer Fraud

  • Cyberstalking

  • Online Enticement

  • Possession or Production of Illegal Pornography

  • Obscene Electronic Communications

  • Online Impersonation

  • All Mississippi and Federal Computer and Internet Crimes


In today’s modern world, computers are broadly defined to include home computers and laptops, business computer systems, and most cell phones, gaming consoles, and other devices used to store data or access the Internet. Prosecutions involving computer crimes generally rely on three kinds of direct and circumstantial evidence:


  • Computer forensics (such as metadata attached to digital images or IP data corresponding to chat logs);


  • Relevant actions of the defendant (such as possessing or accessing a particular computer or being at a particular location during a relevant time period); and


  • Statements of the defendant to law enforcement or third persons (such as admitting to using a particular computer during a relevant time period).


If you’re charged with a computer or Internet crime or under investigation, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney at your side right away. If you’re accused or suspected of a computer or Internet crime:


ALWAYS contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.


NEVER try to explain yourself to law enforcement; ask to speak to a lawyer.


NEVER discuss the facts of your situation with anyone other than your lawyer.


NEVER give law enforcement consent to search unless they have a warrant.


NEVER try to delete or destroy evidence.


NEVER become hopeless.


Regardless of the circumstances and regardless of the allegations against you, Pascagoula criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley is ready to fight for your legal rights and reputation. 

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