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Seizures & Forfeitures


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If law enforcement seized cash or other property from you in Mississippi, you may be entitled to get it back. However, you may also be at risk of broader legal problems such as criminal Money Laundering charges. Pascagoula - Gulfport criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley aggressively represents clients whose cash or other property has been seized by law enforcement.


Interstate 10 Traffic Stops


Many cash and property seizures in South Mississippi result from traffic stops on I-10.

Local, state, and federal authorities work together along I-10 to look for vehicles carrying drugs and large amounts of cash. Law enforcement use “interdiction” techniques including automated license plate readers (ALPRs), information from informants, and personal observations by trained patrol officers to target vehicles for traffic stops and searches. 


When police search vehicles and find large amounts of cash without documentation of a legitimate source, they assume the cash is the proceeds of criminal activity and seize it. This is especially true when no one in the vehicle claims the cash is theirs, or when the cash is found in hidden compartments, spare tires, hollowed car batteries, or other unusual places.


Once law enforcement seizes cash or other property, they must provide timely notice to the owner of their intention to forfeit the property and keep it. Owners of seized property have legal rights to claim their property and fight to get it back.


If you’ve had cash or other property seized in Mississippi, you should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney experienced in Mississippi and federal law. Gulfport - Pascagoula defense attorney Sean Buckley is experienced in matters of seizure, forfeiture, and state and federal Money Laundering laws, and can assist you in determining the best course of action.


Regardless of the circumstances of the cash or property seizure, and regardless of any other allegations against you, Pascagoula criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley is ready to fight for your rights and help you claim your property.

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