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Money Laundering


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Money Laundering is a serious crime under Mississippi and federal law and generally involves one or both of the following types of transactions:


  • Transactions involving specified criminal proceeds, that are designed to conceal the source of the funds, avoid transaction reporting requirements, or evade federal income taxes (“concealment money laundering”)


  • Transactions using funds to promote criminal activity (“promotion money laundering”)


Prosecutors work to prove money laundering allegations through direct or circumstantial evidence. If you’ve been accused of money laundering, you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side who understands money laundering cases and how to defend them. Pascagoula - Gulfport, Mississippi criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley is ready to fight for your legal rights and defend your reputation.


Prosecutors file criminal Money Laundering charges based on a wide range of allegations including:


  • Carrying large amounts of cash without proof of a legitimate source

  • Misuse of cryptocurrency or crypto investment funds

  • Receiving foreign wire transfers, disbursing funds to a third party, and keeping a percentage (“money mule laundering”)

  • Laundering cash through casinos (“casino laundering”)

  • Using money orders or cashier’s checks to divide bulk cash into smaller amounts (“smurfing” or “structuring”)

  • Using criminal proceeds to purchase jewelry, vehicles, or real estate

  • Blending illicit cash into the cash revenues of legitimate businesses

  • Concealing proceeds within financial institutions (“bank laundering”)

  • Transferring funds offshore and then sending the funds back (“round-tripping”)

  • Carrying undeclared cash in excess of $10,000 across U.S. borders


Criminal money laundering investigations and prosecutions typically stem from:


  • Traffic stops

  • Investigations into other suspected crimes

  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) generated by banks and transmitted to FinCEN

  • IRS Audits

  • Criminal referrals by state and federal agencies

  • Tips provided by confidential informants (CIs)

  • Discovery of undeclared cash at U.S. Customs checkpoints

Money Laundering cases can be complex – but factual and legal defenses may be available. Regardless of the circumstances, Pascagoula - Gulfport criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley is ready to fight for your legal rights and defend your reputation.

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