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Why Did I Get Stopped & Searched on I-10? Top 10 Reasons

Why Did I Get Stopped & Searched on I-10? Top 10 Reasons
Why Did I Get Stopped & Searched on I-10? Top 10 Reasons


It’s never enjoyable to get stopped and searched when driving through South Mississippi

on I-10. Clients ask me, “Why did they stop me in the first place, and what made them want to search my car?” Let’s start with the first fact: the police who wait in the median, and on the side of the highway, aren’t looking for speeders. They’re hunting drug traffickers and people carrying drug money. If you were stopped and searched, it’s because something made police suspicious.

1.  You were driving a rental car;

2. Your car had out-of-state plates or dealer tags;

3.  Your car had visible “disclaimers” against criminal conduct – such as religious stickers or pro-police stickers;

4.  Law enforcement data (compiled from thousands of Automated License Plate Readers (“ALPRs”) placed on roads across the U.S.) flagged your vehicle for traveling along known drug trafficking routes in the days or weeks prior;

5.  Law enforcement entered your car on a “Hot List” of suspicious vehicles for some reason, and the police in South Mississippi got a “hit” when local ALPRs logged your vehicle traveling along I-10;

6.  After you were stopped, ALPR data showed a travel pattern inconsistent with your statement to the officer about your travel destinations (they always ask);

7.  After you were stopped, police saw numerous fast-food containers in your car (suggesting you were unwilling to park your vehicle and leave it unattended to eat);

8. After you were stopped, police saw that your car key or key fob didn’t have other keys on the ring, such as house keys, etc.

9.  After you were stopped, police noticed signs of recent body work or damage to interior panels;

10. After you were stopped, you acted overly nervous when speaking with police.


These are just a few of the more common reasons for a stop and search along I-10. If you’ve been stopped and searched in South Mississippi and charged with a crime, I’m here to help.

Our primary office is located in Pascagoula, Mississippi and we also serve clients in Biloxi, Gautier, Gulfport and South Mississippi. The Law Offices of Sean Buckley handles Federal cases as well as State of Mississippi cases.

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Sean Buckley is AV-Rated. Top 1%


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